Living according to our own truth is not easy.

It means that we need to need to be wiling to do the work to understand who and what we are.

It means that we can’t turn away, we need to have the courage and strength to work through what we find.

It means that we need to be willing to accept ourselves for who we are.

It means being willing to stay centered despite the expectations of others.

Truth itself is not easy. While there are things that we will discover that make us feel good, there are also things that will leave us with feelings of hurt or sadness.

Sometimes being true to oneself means that we will be disappointing others . That is not easy. Especially when those “others” are the people that you hold dearest in your life.

I have come to the realization lately that I may not be what others want me to be. Honestly, that’s not their fault…they have built an image of me based on how I presented myself in this lifetime.

Somehow…somewhere along the way…I lost touch with myself and who I was. I don’t really know when, how or why that began…I only know the results. I lived my life for others. I tried to be what they wanted me to be for fear that if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be loved. What I thought was my truth for most of my life…was not true at all.

Accepting myself for who I am and being willing to do the work to be the best possible version of me for myself and others continues to be the biggest challenge of my life.

I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who are willing to do the work with me. They are willing to have the difficult conversations. They continually demonstrate the unconditionality of love itself.

We may not agree…we may in fact uncover different truths for each of us…that is what makes the work so meaningful. It is those differences that provide us with the opportunities for the greatest growth.

When we are living in our own truth we are not afraid of who or what we are. We trust in our ability to be there for ourselves and others. We know that we are not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, and choose to embrace the fact that we are a work in progress. We move forward on the journey of discovery with a sense of courage, confidence, grace, and ease.

Living in our truth is not easy… we take the road less traveled…and that makes all the difference.

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